video added on 20th May 2018

Milosz gets incredibly severe bastinado. His perfectly shaped feet are beaten even with a huge pipe cleaner! And it hurts with every heartbeat...

I barely remember the time of my childhood when I was discovering my complicated sexuality with more than fifty shades of it. There was a time I thought I was the only gay in this catholic country and I was very sure that there couldn't be something like a fancy to the male feet. Thanks God it was just the beginning of an unstoppable Internet expansion (I think it's actually even speeding up) and soon I discovered that there are many normal guys in the world who share the same preferences and having male foot fetish isn't perversion or even bent - it's just an important part of our sexuality and we cannot be ashamed of ourselves.

Step by step I was developing a strong weakness for new shades of this quite popular fancy (not only among gays). Even in my night dreams I couldn't suppose that I will do what I simply love to do. For example: having a strong heterosexual young footballer stripped to his underwear, barefoot with the sensitive smooth soles perfectly displayed and waiting for being punished in a very severe way.

Some of you, guys may wonder how is it possible to punish or even torture such a friendly boy as Milosz. This tall 20yrs soccer player is simply born to be hugged and kissed. And of course I am happy to do a stuff like this with him. But it's not enough, to be honest. My double 'Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde' personality explains that random kind of friendship - the more I like a boy, the more emotions I want to see on his pretty face. And this is the time to see a different kind of feelings expression from Milosz - cruelty at its finest.

Well-built footballer is sitting shirtless on the plain table with his black smelly socks on. Milosz is trying to keep calm and face it all like a hero but even the smallest hit with a plastic spoon makes him suffering a lot. He is used to following the rules so he perfectly understands that it's not allowed to push his legs up. And the beating continues. I pay special attention to his meaty heels and they are mercilessly beaten even though Milosz is begging me to change the punished area of his huge feet. But still I want to torment these manly heels until they gets red.

Milosz is looking at his watch helplessly when I take another tool of tortures - silicon spoon! And it makes this tall boy simply dancing on the table and moving these long toes rapidly and with no control.

The worst time is still ahead of this obedient tall boy. My creativity in the foot-fetish issue is constantly improving so Milosz is the first boy at the site whose feet were harshly beaten with a huge... pipe cleaner! Well, the bigger boy is being punished, the bigger tools I simply have to use. And just listen this awful sound that it makes while beating these huge footballer's feet. For the better results of this painful procedure I want to make Milosz' feet much more sensitive and I spray a cold water on his warm red soles. Poor boy wants to take it like a man but he is so helpless that the only thing he can do is clapping his hands uncontrollably. The end of video was a surprise...

Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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