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video added on 12th August 2022

Kelvin is not only really cute but also - very ticklish!

There's nothing more exciting for me than having young heterosexual guy's feet bare and exposed for intense torments. 19-years-old Kelvin is totally unexperienced when it comes to adult work but knowing how much ticklish he is - the first tickling shooting is more than obligatory! This time I ask my friend to help me with that video. As you could see before, Wojtek is a real specialist in tickling straight Polish boy's feet. And today Kelvin is another ticklish victim.

Cute blond boy is sitting next to Master, barefoot but with own slippers on. Soon they are taken off and smooth Kelvin's soles are gently tickled with fingertips. Even a slight work makes Kelvin reacting perfectly, smiling and curiously looking what will happen next. Unexperienced boy soon is being tickled all over his slim body, mostly on his tender thighs and groins.

Kelvin's feet are perfectly shaped and his tender soles are nicely smooth so next Wojtek starts tormenting them with a tooth-brush and wide scratching brush. But the best results are when young boy's feet are tormented with a sharp triple pin-wheel. Soon Kelvin is tickled even harder - under his knees, armpits and feet at the same time.

Even after a few whiles Kelvin seems to be totally exhausted but it's just the beginning. For another time a triple pin-wheel comes back to the action and it works greatly for Kelvin's belly, chest and again - for his extremely sensitive feet. Desperate boy didn't want to have his underwear off and genitals touched but... the tickling procedure is the best way to make a straight boy more open-minded. Whatever he thinks - still it's just a tickling.

I decided to come to the action. Four tickling hands are always better than just a pair of them. And last minutes are the hardest for Kelvin. I am not only tickling his jiggling feet with no mercy but also his erected cock is wanked and a triple pin-wheel again is used, also on his low hanging balls. I have no doubts - teenage boy Kelvin will remember his first male-male shooting forever, even though he expected just a standard tickling... ;-)


Starring: Kelvin, Wojtek, Lukasz

Runtime: 26 minutes

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