video added on 10th December 2017

Gorgeous footballer's body checked in every detail!
This is the moment of true. The cutest boy in my collection, an authentic and really talented footballer Brian is ready to be filmed totally naked with a lot of camera's close-ups of his incredibly sexy teenage body.
Being a real soccer player, Brian is used to be naked in front of another guys. I love asking him about his attitude to the nudity in the locker room, manly aroma inside, common showers, dirty socks on the floor, etc. It's so funny - and makes me so horny - when he is talking about all these heterosexual nudity aspects... Naive straight boy is totally not aware how much sexy this topic could be for gays.
Today Brian is here without his team mates. But the same as in the pitch with a trainer he has to fulfill the orders as during a professional training. Nevertheless, there is one important difference - I want Brian to do all these intensive excersises totally naked!


Starring: Brian

Runtime: 14 minutes

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