video added on May 5th 2017

Another extra handsome young footballer has his huge talented feet properly cleaned!

Milosz came for his first foot-fetish video straight after 90-minute training in the pitch. You can see his colorful football trainers next to the bed. I start pedicure process with massaging player's enormous feet with black Reebok shoes and smelly white socks on. It's such a great feeling to see this fresh 19yrs old hetero footballer lying on the bed and submissively display his manly talented feet! Sure I quickly take off these dirty Reebok's and worn socks to get a filthy opportunity 'taking care' of Milosz's naked legs.

I start checking the condition of this handsome soccer player's toes, outer feet soles and heels as well. To be honest, everything is perfect but I am so horny to be allowed to do an intensive pedicure with such a great and huge feet that I'm not going to mention about it. I apply a lot of special intensive foot softener and massage these gorgeous big feet. Please let's have a look at these very long toes - I think Milosz is the owner of the best foot shape I've ever seen. Of course my every pedicure must be a little cruel so I use a nail file to remove some rough skin from these awesome toes. But this time I don't want to torture my boy, I like Milosz so much that I want to give him as much pleasure as I only can! Sometimes I think I should get a nickname 'Maria Magdalena';-)


Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 minutes

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