There's something really lovely to see heterosexual friendship and the male solidarity. It's not common nowadays but still the joint responsibility is something really important in the closed world of young Polish footballers. When I started talking to one of the teenage players from my city he agreed on coming for the casting but only on condition that there will be a chance also for his best friend from the same football team. When he sent me some pics of this young sporty boy Brian I was more than sure that he must become my another awesome foot-fetish model.

Of course I invited both soccer players for their first audition but now this is the time only for Brian. He is only 19 years old, really nice and polite, spends all his days in the school as well as in the football pitch. He's going to pass his mature exam this year so it wasn't easy to find enough time for the shoot. Nevertheless, finally I have this young male nostalgic beauty ready for the first foot-fetish action in his life.

When you think about the legs of typical footballer, you can exactly imagine the feet like Brian has. Strong and maculine, with long toes, a bit 'worn-out', of course quite smelly and not too smooth on the soles. But all these features make straight Brian's feet extremely sexy for me! And also that young male body is simply perfect. This healthy boy admitted that he always receives the best possible notes during the annual medical exams in his football team. And after the shoot I'm proud to announce - he got also 10 points from me!


Born: 1998      Height/Weight/Feet size: 179cm/69kg/43 EUR      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: a little