video added on 18th January 2017

First naked shooting of a gorgeous footballer Brian!
This is a new video that I recorded during taking Christmas photos with a cute young footballer Brian. At the beginning my lovely model is stripped to his pants and we have some occasional small talks regarding X-mas topic (e.g. Christmas tree in his house). But it doesn't take too long - the main aim of this shooting is to take the best photos of Brian's naked body, virgin arsehole and bare feet.

I really love working with this young professional soccer player as he is always willing to do almost everything I require. I think it might be just because he is used to follow all the rules made by his trainer and he simply thinks that during shooting the photographer is his new trainer.

Soon Brian removes his underwear and sits completely naked in the armchair. He puts his legs up in the air and gives us the perfect view of his tight virgin hole spreaded strongly with his hands. Every inch of Brian's naked body is fully displayed and I pay a lot of attention to his talented bare feet. Even though he is really open-minded and has a great attitude to a gay pornography you can see a lot of embarrassment on a gorgeous Brian's face. Even though of his shyness he is still able to have a huge hard-on and hang a pretty X-mas bauble on his erected dick. I must confess - having naked Brian around Christmas always feels really lovely!

Starring: Brian

Runtime: 25 minutes

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