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video added on 25th April 2023

Cute teenage boy experiences wide variety of strange different emotions! Until he totally loses control...

What a crazy video! As you probably know, straight teenager Michas is not only really shy cute boy but above all he's incredibly sensitive and ticklish all over his sexy smooth body (mostly soles of his feet). Today I've invited him for a big surprise - Michas didn't know exactly what he might expect apart of fact being stripped completely naked, strongly tickled, tormented and humiliated in front of camera in every possible way. Also, I had asked him not to visit a bathroom for all day of shooting so he probably knows that it also can be something concerns his peeing or another kind of wet activities. Lucky for as, Michas is curious about our productions and he's willing to broaden his horizons so he gladly agreed on everything... Well, the result is explosive!

19-years-old Michas is sitting obediently on a plain stool, nicely dressed with his sexy white socks and sporty sneakers on. After a short interview in English I order him to take his shoes and socks off and present these tender smooth soles properly. I start teasing them to remind Michas how ticklish he is. He has some visible problems with keeping his legs straightened as I'm tickling his bare feet with my fingertips. Poor boy is nicely scared and embarrassed but he perfectly knows that if he refuses being tickled hard - another punishment with severe bastinado is ahead of him. So he keeps his feet exposed wiggling toes uncontrollably.

Soon I tell Michas to get undressed to his underwear. He stands face to the wall and I tickle his feet again scrubbing alternately his left and right sole. The more I torment Michas' feet and body, the more he's dancing in a tickling agony! As he laughs, moans and breaths deeply I gag that boyish mouth with his own sweaty sock and continue playing with these sensitive feet. Undoubtedly, Michas must find himself being totally degraded and under my control being ordered to stay still when I tease every inch of his greatly exposed shaking body and feet. To torment him even more, I start groping his tender genitals - but still it's just the beginning!

Next Michas is told to take his pants off. Being completely naked he must sit on that cold plain stool again in a very uncomfortable position - with his hands above the head but placed on the floor at the same time. That gives us not only great view of Michas' entire body but first of all - I have a great access to all his most sensitive parts: feet, armpits, belly and genitals! After a long tickling of poor victim's soles I decide to give him a 'bonus' tormenting and teasing his long-dangling balls mercilessly. Michas is in an absolute tickling agony - but he's perfectly aware it's not the end yet!


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 19 min

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