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video added on 11th July 2023

Cute teenage boy experiences wide variety of strange different emotions! Until he totally loses control...

Soon this cute poor boy realizes that his tickle tormenting is simply never-ending story. Still placed on a cold stool but now with face to the camera, ass perfectly exposed as well as the soles of his feet, embarrassed Michas has visible difficulties with keeping balance and steadiness as I keep on tickling these swinging feet. But the biggest issue for him is to keep a pissing control (before and during shooting he's said many times 'I'm bursting!'). Moreover, I pay special attention to tormenting his belly, elbow, extremely ticklish groins and sensitive genitals therefore I'm more than sure that this shy obedient is about to lose control.

But I totally do not care. When I pull his foreskin back and tickle a sole of his right foot at the same time Michas can't stand all these strange and confusing feelings, emotions and excitement. He starts peeing intensively and uncontrollably but with his cock pointed directly toward his cute face that strong stream of hot urine is greatly pouring all over his chest, legs, belly, feet and even head! What a perfect incontinence caused by hard and merciless tickling!

Being totally exhausted and completely wet with his own smelly urine, the only thing that this cute boy is now dreaming about for sure is to visit a bathroom and have a long and proper refreshing shower. But my plans are different. Soon I realize that Michas' feet are even more sensitive when they are wet so I start tickling them again. Poor boy is kicking his legs, laughing a lot and keeps on asking me for a shower. Well, here I am! To fulfill his wish I decide to give him a long 'refreshing' shower immediately, here and now. I pull out my cock too and soon a strong stream of warm piss is pouring again on Michas' face and body. Being on an absolute agony, totally covered in piss cute guy loses once again and continues peeing on himself with no control! What a perfect synchrony!

Despite that total urine mess, tickling must be continued. I torment these wet soles mercilessly making that cute boy rolling convulsively on a completely wet floor. To humble him even more, obedient Michas is also ordered to lick his smelly feet and suck his own toes. Controlling all his pleasure, pain and excitement, tickle joy as well as a harsh and relentless humiliation - undoubtedly Michas has experienced today the weirdest moments in his teenage life that left him both psychologically and physically totally exhausted!


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 min

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