video added on 13th October 2017

Straight footballer Milosz must be properly cleaned!

I have finally convinced 100% heterosexual boy Milosz to visit my bathroom for an extra-ordinary cleaning procedure. And surpisingly an idea of being touched by gay hands makes him really horny the very beginning - Milosz comes to a bathroom with a huge sticky cock! To be honest I even have to be really careful not to make him coming too qiuckly so cute horny footballer is on the edge of his teenage climax constantly!

I immediately start cleaning this heterosexual body in a really intensive way. Looking at Milosz's face I get a feeling that he is a bit embarassed what I'm doing to him but on the other hand - still he's really curious what will hapen next. I am simply sure that this young footballer want to be not only cleaned but also wanked off at last! But still there's one challenge to face with for this obedient footballer. I am going to wash out his virgin anus with a deep and intensive cold water enema... What do you think? Will Milosz endure it all? And does this gorgeous boy remain with his automatic teeange erection for another parts of shooting?

Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 minutes

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