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Today I am going to do something very special - for the first time ever. I want to see completely heterosexual footballer not only stripped naked but also I am going to have some kinky fun using awesome feet, muscled butt and strong manly hands. Milosz must try his best to masturbate me - playing with his own cock at the same time!

Handsome Polish goalkeeper is stripped almost naked - only with his shorts on. He knows perfectly how I love his big talented feet so he immediately lifts his left foot and give it to me for a proper 'tongue massage'. It's easy to recognize that this young unexperienced soccer player also enjoys having his feet licked. Soon he takes his pants off and start making goalkeeper's cock nicely hard. He even uses his own sweaty sock to get a better results with having a solid hard-on!

Of course it's just the beginning. I stay very closely to him and we both play together with our two erected dicks. Oh my gosh! Milosz is told to use his one hand to wank two horny cocks at the same time! For sure this is the first time he's ever touched other guy's penis. Anyway, he knows how to do it properly. He also uses his own smelly socks for a smoother experience:)

Young goalkeeper's cock gets hard-on quickly. It looks like Milosz wants to prove he's very strong, visibly healthy and in his peek time. And the result is easy to predict - handsome boy cums with a lot of white creamy sperm directly onto his own footballer's shoes. What I like the most in this video - you can see these huge talented soles of him nicely exposed while really successful masturbation!

For the last part of that extremely exciting meeting with this obedient authentic goalkeeper I want to have some orgasmic fun as well. So I start using Milosz' perfectly shaped feet like a steady fucking toy. Milosz knows that I love his long second toes so I fuck them properly with no boy's objection. Next he has to keep his extra smooth soles perfectly exposed in the air and I cover them with a lot of hot sperm - everywhere! It was awesome gay training for authentic Polish goalkeeper. Of course, he scores once again! Such a talented hands and feet...


Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 16:32 minutes

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