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added on 9th May 2024

Ukrainian Soldier's Feet Must Be Punished Even Harder!

Still placed on a table with his bare feet greatly exposed, Vadim starts wiggling toes when I beat these warm and sore soles with a plastic spatula as hard as possible. Ex-military guy is used to authentic pain and many unpleasant things but I have no doubts he couldn't expect that his feet might be so sensitive and responsive. Instead of giving him even a short break, once again I change a tool and start beating Vadim's both heels mercilessly using his 'favorite' solid cardboard roll.

Before that foot punishment started, former Ukrainian soldier had been warned that once he pulls his feet up or unintentionally protects them with hands entire painful procedure will have to start again. As you may suppose, the only thing that Vadim is dreaming of is to be finally allowed to jump off the table and put his harshly beaten feet into the cold water to get some relief. Therefore he is constantly trying to keep his legs steady and bare feet perfectly stretched as I continue tormenting them harder and harder.

To make Vadim suffering even more, finally I decide to take another useful tool to punish his sore and visibly sweaty soles - a classic leather belt. Judging by his pissed off face, holding out that severe foot spanking is truly hard to Vadim but I completely don't care. Moreover, for the last couple of minutes poor guy is told to turn around and lie down on the stomach to have his sensitive feet spanked with the leather belt hard and vigorously. Once everything is finished, Vadim knows perfectly well: it does pay to be a runaway soldier!


Starring: Vadim, Lukasz

Runtime: 15 min

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