This straight boy can also worship male feet with no objection!
Daniel sits comfortably on the couch and I sit at his feet. I start gently touching them, then touch his lips and kiss them. Initially a bit hesitant, he soon relaxes himself ready for the coming pleasure.

I stick my tongue in between his toes and soon remove his flip flops. His legs are shaking a bit, but then we share another deeper tongue-to-tongue kiss...

Shortly we start licking each other's feet. Daniel obviously likes it. I rub his dick with my feet, he does the same to me. While I focus on sucking and licking, he gently strokes my arms, legs and balls. I just loved that. I loved playing with his masculine, but extra soft, ticklish soles. They were a bit stinky since he'd been walking in those flips flops all day. And they matched my face perfectly. And he loved it too.


Starring: Daniel, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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