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video added on 25th January 2019

Teenage body of gorgeous footballer gets intense cleaning!
Footballer Brian is used to following all the orders from his demanding coach. But this time I'm going to be his very personal trainer. Before I will play a real 'FOOT&BALL' with this lovely soccer player I want to be sure that Brian's teenage body is properly cleaned.

I started with soaping talented feet of that professional soccer player. Then I cleaned his chest, armpits and belly and soon I noticed that there was another part of Brian's body that was simply begging to be massaged with some shower gel - his huge sporty dick is perfectly straight and it's getting hard very quickly! Poor heterosexual footballer was really embarrassed with that uncontrolled reaction of his penis but I assured him that it's completely normal in his young age.

Nevertheless, the last minutes of Brian's cleaning procedure weren't so pleasant to him. I told him to bend over and display his tight virgin arsehole for the very deep and intense cleaning inside - for the first time in his life! Obedient boy had to look to the camera non-stop so you can see from his contortioned face that it was not easy, to clean that extremely tight boyhole properly - with my two fingers at the same time!

Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 14:38 minutes


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