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Lovely footballer Brian first time is groped and sucked by a man!
I have been dreaming about being a doctor in any authentic football team for many years. Spending all days not in a boring office with many stupid girls around but with those young sporty guys and their sweaty bare feet that are ready to be massaged all day long... Simply heaven. Such a shame they don't need any kind of volunteers in a team changing room, even so deeply involved as me. Fortunately still I can be a gay photographer pretending to be a horny doctor from time to time;D And lucky me - gorgeous footballer Brian is so open-minded and gay-friendly that he allows me to do almost everything with his perfectly developed body and these awesome talented feet.

I start with checking his cute face, mouth and tongue - so far so good. Soon Brian's worn football kit and dirty cleats are removed. There's no surprise with socks - another soccer player plays only with bare feet inside the trainers so he always cuts new pair of socks before he's wearing them for the first time. As you may suppose, it makes Brian's feet extremely sweaty and warm so I can't resist to worship them for a while. Lovely boy is quite relaxed so I see there's something getting bigger and bigger in his pants. So he even likes an idea of fucking my throat using his smelly wide foot! Sometimes this pervy doctor becomes a real slave for young heterosexual patients, depends on... their feet.

Another part of this annual physical exam is a prostate test. Everyone perfectly knows that this gland is very important in the football pitch, isn't it?:D So there's no need to ask why I decide to lube my finger and put it all into virgin Brian's hole. Poor 19yrs boy is incredibly tight so he moans a little but I explain him that medical exam is not always pleasant. But he doesn't have to wait too long for a better part of this crazy medical test - with the legs spread widely horny player is intensively wanked off and sucked dry. Another please!

Starring: Brian

Runtime: 26 minutes

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