video added on 6th April 2017

Gorgeous young football player receives an intensive feet massage!
A few months ago young professional footballer Brian had a serious leg bruise. He twisted his ankle and since then he feels a big pain during an intensive football training, especially in the Achilles' tendons. Unfortunately Brian doesn't play in a very wealthy club so he can have a legs massage only once a month. So here I am - a pair of helping hands that are always willing to bring a relief for every young footballer's feet!

Brian really likes the idea of an intensive feet treatment. He is sitting obediently on the chair with his perfect feet totally displayed on the table. I tried to hide my excitement but to be honest, I had a permanent erection with every single touch of these precious wide feet. Brian is a little ticklish but an authentic medical massage must be much stronger than just soft tickling (nevertheless, I check how ticklish are Brian's soles, armpits and chest). I am also turning his long and extra male toes, concentrating on the biggest ones. To finish this procedure I want Brian to learn how he can massage the feet on his own so enjoy watching young heterosexual footballer self-playing with the gorgeous bare feet!


Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 23 minutes

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