video added on 26/05/2017

At last: Str8 Brian agreed to have his smelly feet worshipped!
Finally lovely young footballer Brian let me worship his talented feet. I told him to wear one the same pair of socks non stop for five days before the meeting so as you can see - they are not too white now. To keep this sexy male aroma Brian came with a big heavy shoes on. I start taking them off and massaging teenager's feet, sniffing these precious socks. Obedient boy is laying on the floor on a stomach and chatting with his girlfriend by a phone.

It is the first time when he's got his gorgeous feet kissed and intensively licked by another man. I want to clean them with my tongue including sensitive inches of Brian's soles. Next I start strong sucking his every single toes, one by one. This friendly boy takes it well and is completely relaxed during my tongue work. He is even quite ticklish on the soles!


Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 10 minutes

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