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video added on 29th January 2024

Such perfect ticklish male feet do really deserve to be greatly worshipped!

This perfect sporty guy simply has it all. Very handsome face with beautiful, constantly smiling eyes, perfectly built body with extra smooth soft skin and last but definitely not least - amazing meaty feet which are really sensitive and extremely ticklish! As soon as I saw Princip barefoot I was more than sure that I must convince that straight personal trainer to let me worship his feet as much as they should be!

He's never done anything with another man before. Being totally heterosexual, Princip finds everything what I plan to do with him quite strange and kinky but with such a great attitude and open-minded character he agrees on almost everything until it doesn't mean anything strictly homosexual. That's enough for me, at least so far. These perfect ticklish feet are a real masterpiece so I could spend hours and hours playing with them, worshipping, tickling, receiving a full foot-job from this great young guy.

Today I've decided to worship his feet properly. Princip came for a shooting nicely dressed with his own smelling white sneakers on. I start sniffing them and massaging gently. Before we started, Princip told me he'd be probably a bit embarrassed during that action (brand new to him) so I let him to play on a mobile phone while I'm playing with his feet. Nevertheless, as soon as I start licking his feet I realize that this gorgeous guy is really curious and starts being quite interested in! it looks that being dominant is something that turns Princip on so he easily starts feeling the vibe and orders me to lick and suck his sweaty bare feet in every possible way (even though it gives him some tickle torments almost constantly).

What a great cooperation, to sum up! Enough to say - in the end Princip gets totally naked and I cum with a lot of hot jizz next to his properly worshipped and greatly exposed, wet feet.


Starring: Princip, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

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