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video added on 16th May 2019

Cute teenage footballer is bound naked in a plastic wrap for a proper foot-fucking!

I didn't expected that Brian would ever agree on taking part in such a crazy video so I'm more than glad that he said 'yes, unless it won't be too painful'. Okay, this time I'm not going to torture his sporty body and feet cruelly but there's no way for Brian to avoid totally humiliating time. He is stripped naked and mummified with a foil - from head to toe. The only parts of Brian that are not covered with foil are his extra cute face and bare player's feet.

Soon this cute boy gets authentically frightened. I start playing with a sharp knife to check Brian's limits. What a huge trust this cute boy has! I perforated Brian's painful plastic wrap to release his sensitive nipples and tender genitals. Next I start playing with that parts of gorgeous boy's body, including sucking nipples and wanking his hard cock.

Obedient Polish player can't do anything against my dirty plans but he still is not aware that it's not the end. Next I want to play with his feet - and having such vulnerable boyish soles perfectly exposed I am going to fuck them hardly to cream them in the end. I have no doubts that this young soccer player will remember that day forever.

Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 16:28 minutes


Size: 634 MB
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