video added on June 24th 2017

19yrs str8 footballer Milosz has his huge meaty feet intensively massaged and tickled!

This time I want to show handsome young footballer Milosz how to take care of his feet professionally. Well-built 19 years old boy is sitting by the table with his muscular legs up in the air. He is wearing smelly football kit with his long black socks and yellow soccer shoes on. I ask Milosz to flex his biceps and look directly into the camera whilst I will play with his talented feet. I really like this polite young guy - he is so proud of these strong legs that is willing to let another man to do almost everything with them! In my opinion, he just wants to get some relax after an exhausting training in the pitch.

So I take his shoes off and massage his feet, then I take off these smelly socks. Footballer's feet are really warm but not sweaty. I put some oil on them and massage every inch of huge and meaty soles. They are probably the biggest feet I've ever massaged - 46 Euro size! Please have a look at these gorgeous suckable toes, especially the longest second ones! But don't look at my trousers, Milosz's perfect feet make me incredibly horny all the time. But it's not the end - when his soles are completely soft and oiled I start scratching them in the middle and it makes young footballer quite ticklish! As a last part of this awesome and pleasant procedure Milosz has to massage on his own, barefoot and with white socks on. Enjoy these great camera close-ups of the soles on a full display!

Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

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