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video added on 8th November 2020

Talented feet and tender genitals covered with hot wax!

Finally I got Brian, the number one of my favorite models, a real soccer player and totally heterosexual for a really painful and the most humiliating shooting he's ever agreed on. Not only Brian is barefoot and completely naked from the very beginning but he's also placed in an extremely vulnerable position. Young footballer is told to lay down on his a back with his face, feet and ass perfectly displayed.

He doesn't know any details what I'm going to do with him next but he can obviously see all these burning candles around him. Let's do it! That pain is inevitable in that case. Soon I start pouring that liquid candle wax directly on his greatly stretched talented feet. I think that Brian's feet are created for being tortured in that way - they are visibly wide and tender when it comes to pain.

Poor soccer player begs me for mercy but I am not going to hear it. Instead, I focus on his perfectly exposed genitals and boy hole. And it must be incredibly painful for that frightened moaning boy Brian. He even tries to hide his virgin hole from being filled with another portion of liquid wax but instead of that his balls and cock are generously covered with a hot and burning substance. I have no doubts, that Brian finds that crazy video as the most painful and humiliating scene he's ever taken part in.

Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 11 minutes


Size: 499 MB
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