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From the first time I saw authentic footballer Milosz I knew I must worship his precious feet immediately after his match. There can't be anything more exciting that having real handsome goalkeeper with his football kit and cleats on laying obediently on the bed and waiting for the accurate foot cleaning with a male tongue. Milosz's feet are really big but in spite of that size everything in them is simply perfect - greatly shaped, with very long toes and extra smooth soles. And this time they are also nicely smelling!

Milosz starts his worship video doing some exhausting push-ups. Then he sits on the couch and he's told to look directly into the camera while I start touching his strong legs and a bit dirty studded-shoes. What a perfect moment is when he lets me to take them off and sniff Milosz's very sweaty soccer socks! Once he is completely barefoot I lay on the floor and lick his meaty soles paying special attention to these long sensitive toes. I lick and suck them one by one and I think Milosz is even trying to find some pleasure in that action (that for sure must be quite strange to such a heterosexual young footballer).

In the meantime he takes his t-shirt off and waits for another part of worshipping displaying his feet in another position. I keep on sucking his toes, especially the second one which is visibly the longest. What's more, I also discover that his left foot is more tender then the right one. As he says, he is left-footed. Next Milosz has to lay down on his back with these gorgeous feet up to expose them even more. I lick every inch of goalkeeper's soles and suck his toes even more. Surprisingly he also doesn't mind when I start touching his nicely displayed manly crotch!

Soon I order him to go on all his fours and display these large feet for further male-tongue cleaning. Milosz is trying to enjoy it but I notice that he's got very sensitive Achilles tendon. Nevertheless, I lick that part of his strong talented legs as well. I must confess - I really would like to worship such an awesome big male feet all day long!


Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 16:41 minutes

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