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It wasn't difficult to convince this friendly str8 father to widen his horizons in the gay area!
This is the time of true for Edward, a straight father of two twin daughters. As I definitely prefer boys who are younger than me there's got to be more to do for this mature blond guy, if he really wants to be a model for the site and earn some quick money. He should immediately forget about his heterosexual pride and do his best as my 'gay-today' older whore.

The first task is a proper cleaning of Edward's body. I threw him into the bath and start soaping every inch of his skin, mostly the sensitive parts between this straight father's hench legs. Exactly the same as every married and hard-working man, Edward is innately lazy so he starts feeling relaxed in a hot water and I don't have to tell him twice to straighten the legs. That way we have a really good view in the first part of a clip and both his wet feet are perfectly exposed. I am sure you'll love wide smooth soles of this obedient 35yrs father.

Another task is not so easy, to be honest. There's something quite common inside every straight mature guy's head that can't make easier to get them a boner in front of gay camera. But I love watching all these senseless efforts they make to satisfy the gay audience in the world. Edward wants to pick up this challenge as a real man but I want to disturb him a little so I start smoking a cigarette sitting in the lower parts of poor father's body. Now he's frightened not only of having a flaccid penis but also of having his really sensitive bare feet burnt by a horrible cigarette… Being more and more desperate and broken he realizes he has no other choice than to ask me for helping hand. Well, still it can be not enough to satisfy me and you, my dear friends, as an audience. All heterosexual healthy fathers like being wanked. But do they also like sucking gay's dicks and licking dirty asses? Now here's his chance to gain new experience and some useful skills.


Starring: Edward, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 minutes

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