video added on 14th July 2017

So talented footballer with only one goal? These feet must be punished...
In the last season young professional footballer Brian played in 15 matches with his team. During the interview he confessed that he scored one single goal. One single goal after 12 years of playing football? I think he simply spends too much time with his pretty girlfriend but I don't like when really talented players are losing their skills. So I found a good reason to punish this lovely teenager. And as you may suppose - the best way to teach young footballers to be more effective is to beat their feet in an extra cruel way.

Poor Brian completely doesn't know what's bastinado about. But soon he will know. With every belt beat he tries to take it like a man but I see a real pain in these scared eyes. He doesn't want to scream or cry but his face tells everything. Teenage soccer player is shaking with fear and painful agony, dancing on my torture table. His feet become purple quite soon. Nevertheless, beating continues. I apply some cold water onto the soles to make them incredibly sensitive. Brian is full of fear and pain but I don't care. He was warned it must be very severe. To torture him even more I use a pin-wheel to torment Brian's sensitive warm wet soles in another way. On the edge of his endurance he shouted: 'I promise to score another goal!'.


Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 32 minutes

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