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video added on 20th March 2019

Gorgeous barefoot footballer is crying with a real ANAL PAIN!

Even though he's very young, extra cute Brian is also very talented soccer player. He is used to have a shower in front of his football team members but this time he must be cleaned much more detailed. I decided to prescribe him one very special treatment for all his problems in the pitch - very intense and deep enema!

I didn't suppose that he could be so tight there and I had to use a lot of strength to stretch out Brian's sphincter widely enough to pour about one liter of cold water into it. And next - to clean his rectum properly with my two fingers.

Poor boy was simply 'dancing' on a table in painful anus agony while I am slowly cleaning that footballer's hole. What's more - he had to keep all that cold water inside him until the end of that humiliating procedure.

Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 10:50 minutes


Size: 133 MB
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