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video added on 27th May 2023

There's nothing more exciting than watching handsome straight guy training not only barefoot but also totally naked!

Young heterosexual Jonas is not only very handsome boy but also, he's really sporty and goes to the gym regularly. Today I decide to be his personal pervy trainer:) Jonas must get totally naked, expose every inch of that hot sexy body, display his wide big bare feet and next - follow all my kinky orders until he gets extremely exhausted. But there are some important conditions of that intense training - if he stops even for a while, the hard and humiliating physical punishment is inevitable!

First, Jonas is ordered to do twenty push-ups naked, with his bare feet perfectly stretched directly to the camera. Next, he has to do thirty proper squats with these long balls nicely dangling between Jonas' strong thighs. Obedient guy is getting visibly tired but soon he's told to do another intense exercise - thirty abdominal crunches. Counting off every single sit-up is quite problematic for that poor straight guy but he's aware that if he fails we must start entire set over! After doing another twenty push-ups Jonas could think it's time for a short break but nothing more wrong. Next set of quicker twenty squats are ahead of him! As soon as Jonas ends that very tiring set he's told to do extremely exhausting duck walk training with twenty full loops on the floor. The more run-down handsome boy is, the more horny I get looking at his hard-working bare feet:)

Bad for him, this exercise is too hard for Jonas, completely covered with sweat. He was warned before that in a case like this a hard physical punishment must be given. Soon he's placed on all his fours on a plain stool with that hairy butt out and soles of feet greatly exposed. I'm more than sure that hard spanking with a leather belt will be something to remember for Jonas forever, as well as that extremely intense naked training!


Starring: Jonas, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

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