A few weeks ago one of my former models texted me was it possible to do a shoot with his good friend. As he explained, Jonas is unemployed, lives with his parents but due to difficult character they have constant arguments. Therefore he would like to earn as much as possible and start living on his own together with a pregnant girl. When I saw some amateur photos of that dark-haired guy my response was instant - yes, I demand that young heterosexual male in front of cameras as soon as possible!

Jonas is a tall 19-years-old fellow with a great facial look, beautiful blue eyes, smooth chest and perfectly shaped body. But there are three things in that handsome boy that really turn me on - his hairy legs, ass and genitals, enormous, rock hard cock and of course - his wide and big sexy feet.

As he's totally straight it might be a challenge for me to broaden Jonas' horizons in the way we like to see the most. But knowing how much he's desperate and out of money actually I am sure he will soon perfectly understand that everything has its price - including taking part in the most kinky male-on-male videos and showing every part of heterosexual male body in front of gay camera!


Age: 19      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.82 m/72 kg/45 EU (12 US)      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: yes, a lot