This boy is lovely and innocent. Only 19-years-old, heterosexual and still unexperienced. Young boy Kelvin works as a shop assistant at the local airport but during the pandemic he lost a job. You know why, it's been a hard time here, as everywhere in the world. Now he would like to find another occupation but being so short of money - he's decided to work for us.

Kelvin has a good body, awesome feet which are incredibly ticklish, especially smooth skin on his soles. Also, I love his constantly erected cock. I hope that despite his freshness he's able to work with that piece of meat and we will see Kelvin's masturbation and juicy final as well. If he couldn't - these feet will be strongly beaten and even his ass hole must be suffered. But that's all the melody of the future.

What you should know - Kelvin is the youngest brother of many brothers and sisters. He's one of nine siblings! (6 guys and 3 girls, he's the youngest one). Who knows, maybe I manage to take a few of his older brothers as well? If not - the best diamond from that family has just been found. And please believe me - I am going 'to polish' that diamond in every possible way!


Age: 19      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.77 m/60 kg/42 EU (9 US)      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: yes, he is!