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video added on 14th July 2022

Young straight boy gets severe bastinado on the tender soles of his feet!

Michas is a very cute 19-years-old heterosexual boy who was disobedient at the beginning of our cooperation - a few times he run away from accepted upcoming shooting in the very last moment. That makes me really angry so today I have him again - this time for a harsh punishment of his incredibly sensitive but insubordinate boyish feet.

Young scared boy is sitting on the chair for his interview, in English. He admits that many times he disappointed not only me but also all the viewers waiting for a lot of content with him. Therefore Michas agrees on being punished fairly today. This is the first time that he can hear a new word to him - 'bastinado'. I explain him how does it look like and you can see a real fear in these nostalgic blue eyes.

Nevertheless, harsh disciplining is inevitable today and soon Michas is ordered to take off his trainers and expose bare feet directly to the camera. Smooth boyish soles are shown off perfectly while I keep on informing him that soon they will be beaten hard and with no mercy, using many different tools. To make Michas even more scared I show him all stuff that is going to be used for punishing his tender feet - a bamboo stick, garden hose, wooden and plastic spoons, silicon spatula and even a horrible triple pin-wheel!

Next, this cute 19yrs boy stands up and takes off his trousers obediently as well as the tight pants. Michas' hairy genitals are perfectly displayed as the camera follows his body from head to toe. Young guy turns around and bend over to spread his ass cheeks apart to expose his virgin boyhole greatly, also surrounded with many pubic hair. To humiliate him more I keep Michas in that position for quite a long while and make him stretching that tight butthole as much as possible looking to the camera at the same time.

After that stripping show a disciplining procedure must begin. Michas jumps on the plain wooden table. Bare boyish soles are nicely shown off and I check how ticklish they are - incredibly! Undoubtedly, I've never whipped such a sensitive male feet, until today! Cute boy is extremely responsive even on the tops of these feet. The only way to keep Michas' feet unable to move and kept perfectly straight is to tie them up to the table using thick solid ropes. With his legs strongly tied up and spread apart we also have a great view on Michas' hairy cock and low-hanging balls.

Having his feet completely immobilized I start tickling them but it's just the beginning. The proper punishment begins. I spank his tender balls and cute boy asks for mercy immediately but I pretend not to hear it at all. I only decide to give him 'a choice' - beating balls or feet. Naive boy answers 'feet' so let's go, poor boy. A few strong hits with a plastic spoon hurts him a lot - but it's just the beginning, be sure!


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 min

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