Part 2, Full HD Video

video added on 23rd August 2022

Hard beating of young straight boy's feet must be continued!

Since I decided to give him a choice - beating balls or feet - and Michas immediately answered 'punish my feet, please' I am more than obligated to focus on torturing his tender and greatly exposed teenage bare feet. Strongly tied-up and stripped, with his genitals displayed for us - a real bastinado must be done!

Even a few first hits with plastic spoon hurts his sensitive boyish soles a lot. Michas screams loudly therefore I decide to put an oral gag into that cursing heterosexual mouth. Nonetheless, he screams even louder when I start rubbing his feet with a triple pin-wheel. His feet are visibly more and more ticklish with every second playing with them. The bigger pain - the more ticklish they are!

Soon, a wide wooden spoon is coming to the work. That hurts Michas' purple soles even more. But that's my aim - I want to see his teenage feet perfectly tormented. Michas tries to take it all but he truly cannot. He screams like a pig, shouts incredibly and keeps on begging me for mercy. I can stop spanking his feet for a while but we're still in a middle of that horrific foot-pain procedure I've planned for Michas this time.


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 min

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