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video added on 14th October 2022

Sore beaten feet tortured even harder!

I have no doubts that cute straight boy Michas has the most sensitive feet I've ever played with. His authentic, uncontrolled reactions are the constant background in every video I made with that sexy teenager, both tickling and bastinado.

In the first two parts of that extreme foot punishment you could see Michas talking in English about his daily life, sexual preferences and experience, then stripping naked, being tied up to the table and having his tender soles harshly spanked, beaten with a wooden spoon and rubbed with a horrific triple pin-wheel.

But it looks that punishing of Michas' feet is simply never-ending. To be honest, the most reactive and scared this young boy is, the more pain I want to apply to his sore, already beaten soles. This time I have something special for him. When Michas could think that punishment is over I told him to jump down from the table and stand barefoot on the box greatly filled with lots of sharp bottle caps! Poor boy is in a real consternation, hoping that's a joke but I'm more than serious - another part of these sensitive teenage feet' tormenting is inevitable. As soon as Michas stomps barefoot on that caps' collection we can see how painful it is for him. He's shaking up, jiggling, bouncing, bending over, trying to wiggle his toes - everything to avoid that unbearable pain.

But it's just the first beginning. Soon frightened boy is told to do ten proper squats, still standing barefoot on these hurtful caps. As he's cursing during that special kinky training next Michas is ordered to stand on the caps just on one leg. Screaming, shouting, dancing in agony - it's obvious he suffers a lot. When poor boy pulls up his sore feet we can see a lot of marks on Michas' purple soles made by horrible sharp caps. However, still I have another crazy idea to torment these extremely tender feet even harder. Scared obedient guy has to throw a few of caps into each of his trainers and put them on next. And foot punishment continues - ten bounces with these hurtful little things in his shoes, standing on one leg and another…Poor boy is constantly gasping, yelling, slipping and sliding throughout. In the end, his normally cute and lovely eyes are full of visible authentic anger.


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 min

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