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video added on 20th December 2021

This 19yrs straight boy has the most ticklish feet I've ever played with!

Another very shy and totally heterosexual boy ahead of us. Michas is only 19 years old and today he is here for the first foot-fetish video. Michas speaks English quite well so you can enjoy our conversation about his most private things. Michas talks about his body, private life and also about his attitude to male-on-male contact. Young boy also admits that the most ticklish part of his slim and smooth body are the soles of his feet. Okay, let's check how much they are!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful eyes? I do really love dark-haired guys with deeply blue eyes. In a few minutes I placed Michas on the torture table and tied the hands up to have his feet and body nicely exposed and unable to move. Michas is very scared what I might be up to but he's cooperative.

What a surprise! When I took Michas' trainers off I saw put the most 'protective' socks on! Well, he was informed I was going to tickle his feet hard so I suppose he tried to avoid the most sensitive and exhausting tickling tortures. Can these silicon socks really save Michas from harsh foot tickling?

I perfectly know what I want to do with him. Soon Michas' mouth is gapped and his feet are strongly tickled. Poor boy is laughing in agony but in spite of break - I take his sweaty socks off and start tormenting these bare feet even harder! Young boy Michas is dancing in in a ticklish agony on my torture table. I need to use extra ropes to keep him immobilized. I want to tickle-torture Michas' soles with no mercy, till he's totally broken!


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 26 min 26 sec

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