Part 2, Full HD Video

video added on 4th February 2022

Tender boyish soles tickled even harder!

In the first part of that kinky episode you can see 19yrs straight boy Michas talking about his sexual activity, preferences and also about his foot ticklishness. Next he is placed on the table with his legs strongly tied up and feet greatly exposed for a very intense tormenting. Michas is incredibly ticklish so he reacts panicky even while his feet are tickled with a socks on!

Now this young sexy boy is completely barefoot with his soles perfectly shown off for the further tickle-tortures. Michas clearly has no idea what is about to happen, or how far he will be pushed. I surprise him with a toothbrush and a wide cleaning brush with a sharp bristle but he is truly terrified when I take two pigeon feathers to tickle his extremely tender soles in the most classic way. He is constantly laughing in agony and begging for mercy but I'm not going to stop even for a while. Now I understand why feathers are so commonly used for tickling!

And this poor boy knows it too. In the meantime, with a moment of my inattention he even hid one feather into his shoe hoping I will not use it again. But when I discover his 'clever' plan I decide to give him much harder tickling punishment. So two horrific triple pin-wheels come to the action and in that way these sensitive boyish soles are simply in a tickling hell! I have no doubts - Michas has the most ticklish feet I've ever tickle-tortured.


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 11 min

1280 x 720

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