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video added on 6th December 2023

I've never been fucking such ticklish boyish feet - so far!

22-years old heterosexual Michas is not only really cute unexperienced boy but first of all - he has probably the most sensitive feet I've ever played with. After doing a couple of great kinky scenes with Michas receiving extremely severe bastinado as well as a long and exhausting intense naked tickling (that includes some watersports too) this is the moment to fuck these tender feet properly - until they are totally covered with a lot of hot sperm everywhere!

Gorgeous boy is laying obediently on the bed, totally naked, only with his own smelly sneakers on. I start massaging his head, face and shoulder, ordering him even to give some nice kisses for the glans of my penis. Having such a sexy boyish treat under my hands soon I become really horny so I go down to start taking Michas' trainers off. As he has no socks I immediately start sniffing and licking his sensitive bare feet and soon Michas is truly laughing and dancing on a bed uncontrollably. To torment his tender soles even more I start tickling them mercilessly with my fingertips. It's amazing that these feet are equally ticklish in every inch - his smooth heels, Achilles tendons and even top of suckable toes are incredibly sensitive and react perfectly!

It's hard to decide whether I prefer to worship Michas' bare feet with my tongue and mouth or to tickle them mercilessly - every time this cute young guy gives a perfect feedback! That's why I even have to sit on him to immobilize his constantly dancing feet - what a greatly reactive ticklish victim that straight boy is!

But the best thrills are still ahead of me. I loosen my trousers and Michas starts massaging my growing cock using his talented feet. I love watching boyish feet greatly exposed so I stretch his feet as much as possible wanking myself at the same time. Michas' smooth soles are created to be played with so I fuck both of them nicely. It looks that this gorgeous boy starts diggin' the vibe and he also uses his feet to masturbate me properly. These wiggling toes response in a perfect way so I fuck them hard including these sensitive gaps between them.

Michas is doing his best to give me exciting and intense footjob. This is the first time when that cute teenage boy uses his feet to wank off another guy's dick. I fuck them strongly stretching a smooth surface of soles as much as possible. After a few minutes of hard penetrating his toes obedient boy turns on his back with his feet in the air greatly displayed. To make me a boner Michas fucks me with these sensitive soles even harder. Soon I can feel a total excitement so I order him to lay on his belly again with his feet next to each other and totally stretched, waiting for the happy ending. I keep on wanking my cock until a lot of hot cum shoots out directly on Michas' ticklish soles. I milk myself hard to drain cock completely and cover every inch of cute boy's feet with a hot jizz. I'm more than sure that fucking such sexy sensitive boyish feet is undoubtedly the best way to empty the balls! Thank you, Michas!


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 28 minutes

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