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video added on 27th January 2023

Straight 19-years-old Kelvin learns how to show off it all and give a proper blowjob !

After making a few foot-fetish scenes with cute blond Kelvin that evening I want to play with this straight boy in a more erotic way. Knowing how sensitive and sensual is his fine smooth body I strip him to sexy white boxers and ask to jump on a table on all his fours with round boyish butt and bare ticklish soles perfectly displayed. Still with extra thin underwear on I start massaging Kelvin's genitals, paying special attention to his big and extremely tender balls. I love watching straight boys' feedback to any kind of manual contact by clutching their feet or wiggling toes uncontrollably and this obedient teenager feels my intense massage perfectly and reacts exactly in that way.

Soon Kelvin's boxers are taken off and with legs widely spread his big dangling nuts, erected cock and sexy feet are greatly shown off at the same time. This entire scene is recorded with two different cameras so you can see his face's emotions as well as a great view from the bottom - that amazing butt, a bit hairy crack, sensitive soles of feet and reactive genitals.

Using my both hands I start wanking Kelvin's growing penis playing with his tight boyhole simultaneously. The more I milk him, the more pulsing that hole is (well, the boyish 'mechanics' is quite simple sometimes) and as you may suppose, that makes me really horny:) I start wanking myself too and play with Kelvin's cock even stronger hearing him moaning and gasping deeply. Leading this straight excited teenager almost to the edge I give him a choice - into your ass or mouth next? Or maybe both? How do you bet on Kelvin's decision?

NOTE: Using words like 'teenager' or 'teenage' is allowed on all adult websites (e.g. Clips4Sale) provided that they reffer strictly to these models who turn 18 before the time of shooting (but still they are 18 or 19-years-old). And that's the only way we use these words on the site.


Starring: Kelvin, Lukasz, Wojtek

Runtime: 17 minutes

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