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video added on 20th April 2024

Heterosexual but very open-minded personal trainer has no problem with wanking off in front of camera and shooting hot cum straight on the soles of his ticklish meaty feet!

According to the great feedback I've recently received on my newest model Princip, I was more than right doing my best to convince him on becoming fully involved foot-fetish and total nudity professional model. Despite being greatly experienced with girls (he really loves playing in the field and he's proud of that!) Princip has never done anything with another man before. At the beginning I was a bit unsure about his attitude and reactions but as you could see - this straight personal trainer has no objections to have his incredibly ticklish feet worshipped, massaged and of course - mercilessly tickled!

Nevertheless, now it's the time to climb to a higher level of giving a pleasure for all heterosexual male feet and ripped naked body maniacs. For the first time Princip is wanking off in front of camera, showing his huge, greatly erected cock and lifting his legs up to show off that hot ass with the tight hole as well as the smooth soles of his greatly shaped ticklish feet. Stunningly sexy Princip has no problems with getting a solid hard-on and to make that erotic show even more kinky - he delivers a lot of hot cum directly on his bare feet! Oh yes, that's the perfect position that every sexy straight guy should play with himself in :D

After milking that huge cock dry Princip goes to the bathtub to clean up - still in a very erotic, and also quite romantic way... This awesome boy really knows his best assets and how to use them! And I know how to take advantage of him :)


Starring: Princip, Lukasz

Runtime: 14 minutes

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