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video added on 17th November 2020

Another young str8 boy has to visit that horrific bathroom to lose his anal virginity - this time in a very painful way!

I have no doubts that every heterosexual and anally unexperienced boy is always truly panic-stricken when it comes to deep water-cleaning of his virgin anus. Even the silliest guy is aware that it means not only physical pain by having his sphincter strongly stretched but what's probably even more important for them - it also concerns total personal humiliation. Both these reasons are something that straight boys do whatever they only can trying to avoid or just postpone for a while that degrading procedure.

For young str8 boy Stas this time has finally come. What's even worse to him, he knows third reason to be really scared of the first cold-water enema. All that process will be just a beginning of his hardest evening ever! He's just been informed that once his tight virgin anus is completely cleaned and deeply washed out I am going to deflower and anally torture him in every possible way - including wide anal plug!

Poor guy jumps into a bath and clean his entire body including soaping every inch of these sexy smooth feet. After cleaning the most intimate parts of body still completely naked Stas is told to go on all his fours on a plain table to expose his boy hole greatly. Trembling in fear and knowing what will happen next he must display that arsehole even wider as the torture enema tool full of cold water must be inserted into that boyish hole. Immediately Stas is moaning and breathing deeply but of course I don't notice his fear. I want to pour as many cold water into his rectum as only possible - even though he begs for mercy and I see a lot of pain in his cute blue eyes. My aim is to get his boyhole perfectly cleaned - so I completely don't mind young boy's pain or desperate groans.

To humiliate Stas even more, he also is ordered to expel all that dirty water in front of camera (while his gaping hole is constantly visible). Sure it's more than humiliating - it's something not only physically hard but also - it makes unexperienced straight guy to the real tears ('why did I agree on it?' ). Nevertheless, poor boy tries his best and finally we can see not only dirty asshole water but even some more rarities - you know what I mean, Stas simply stops controlling his reactions ;-)

I must admit - it was the most painful and extremely humiliating enema I've ever done to my models, believe me. For sure Stas will remember it forever. But as I mentioned, it's still not the end of his anal agony. The worst of it is expected quite soon! His totally virgin rectum will be greatly used in the next updates. But I demand it to be perfectly cleaned - therefore that proper enema had to be done. Excuse me, poor Stas that I didn't mind your desperate moanings...


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 24 minutes

1280 x 720

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