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video added on 14th November 2023

Really handsome personal trainer displays his incredibly sensitive feet for the first intense tickling!

24-years old Princip is one of the most sexy guys I've ever managed to invite for a foot-fetish shooting. It took some time to convince this straight personal trainer to expose his bare feet and great body for all these kinky things we'd like to bring to effect but finally he decided to come for a first barefoot audition. During his posing with no socks on I gladly discovered that Princip's soles (and feet in general) are more than just sensitive - they are UNBELIEVABLE TICKLISH so I had no doubts that the first video I'd like to make must be hard and merciless tickle tormenting!

So today you can see Princip sitting obediently on a plain table with his muscular legs spread wide and tied up properly with strong ropes. To enhance sporty boy's first tickling thrills I asked my friend (who was truly born to be a tickler) to help me with extra hard tormenting poor Princip's sexy feet! Soon his gym trainers are removed so we can see these wide meaty feet with thin white socks on. We start stroking young trainer's sensitive soles and he almost immediately begins to laugh loudly trying to control his feedback but with no success. Using our fingertips to scrape every inch of Princip's feet makes him screaming, laughing and dancing in a tickling agony but it's just the beginning!

After a few minutes we decide to take off poor guy's socks simultaneously tickling his smooth heels and Achilles tendons. The more we torment Princip's feet, the more reactive he becomes constantly laughing and trying to hide his laughing eyes and grimacing face with hands. Having his meaty feet completely bare and perfectly displayed we continue tormenting them using Princip's own socks put on our hands to scrub his sensitive soles even harder! Handsome boy is totally exhausted with convulsive laughing but we completely do not care. Princip is wiggling his toes uncontrollably so we start tormenting extremely ticklish gaps between them. I am more than sure he didn't expect he might be so ticklish even in such a secret area of his feet!

Next we start again tickling his both soles strongly with our fingers and it visibly drives him crazy. Poor boy tries to protect these tender feet with his hands but in vain. Four kinky hands are teasing him even more sophistically and soon we decide to start using a wide variety of tools to torment his sweaty feet more sadistically. Scrubbing them with two different brushes quickly makes Princip laughing in agony and almost crying! To show him more traditional method of tickling, we also use two authentic pigeon feathers to torment sporty guy's soles in a sensual but still awfully teasing way. Handsome boy is almost about to faint with laugh, exhaustion and brand new thrills but that extreme tickle tormenting must be continued! To show him what our 'real mercy' means - we decide to use two triple pin-wheels to torment Princip's burning soles at the same time! What do you think about his immediate feedback?:D

What a lovely and cute boy Princip is... And what a great ticklish victim!


Starring: Princip, Lukasz, Wojtek

Runtime: 20 minutes

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