video added on 24th November 2017

Rough feet of gorgeous footballer Brian needs a special treatment!
Even though this extra cute Polish soccer player has incredibly talented feet there is a need to prepare them not only for another match but also for a barefoot sex with his pretty girlfriend. Maybe she hasn't told him about it yet but Brian should know that it's really important nowadays to have perfectly pedicured feet also when it comes to young heterosexual guys.

Unfortunately I'm not so nice pedicure specialist. I always do it my way and I just want to have fun while taking care of boys' feet. In the end of this amazing pedicure for Brian I get the idea that the best way to soften young footballer's soles is just a hot air. So I decide to use a strong hair-dryer to finish with these wide sensitive feet. As you may notice in the video young talented footballer is used to getting some foot pain:)


Starring: Brian, Lukasz

Runtime: 22 minutes

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