A few months ago one of my friends, female who works as a professional fashion photographer told me she'd been recently worked with a very good-looking young man. As she admitted, he looks to be very open-minded and moreover - really talented when it comes to modeling. When I saw some of his amateur pics in the social media I had no doubts that I should contact him as soon as possible and make an offer - this time being rather not fashion model but definitely much more kinky stuff:-)

It took me some time to convince Princip to become another guy willingly showing his feet and body for our personal pleasure. But now I'm glad to let you know that I did my best to broaden his heterosexual male horizons. Princip is very easy-going young guy who spends a lot of time in the gym. He works as a personal trainer and loves travelling together with his girlfriend so any way to earn some quick easy money is a tempting offer to him. But I'm more than sure that for all foot-fetish maniacs the most tempting are his perfectly built body, handsome face and last but definitely not least - these awesome meaty feet that are incredibly ticklish!

When it comes to making our kinky content, Princip has agreed on almost everything so far. The only condition is not doing anything strictly 'gay'. Anyway, I will work hard on him to do as many great fetish shoots as only possible. And you can be sure - really long tickling torments are inevitable!


Age: 25      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.75 m/69 kg/42 EU (9 US)      Sexual orientation: 100% straight      Ticklish: EXTREMELY!