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Finally I did it! Straight young guy Milosz, authentic goalkeeper from a good Polish soccer team needs some money urgently so my the only offer at this moment is to get his homophobic anal virginity. It took a lot of effort to get his 'yes' but let's watch the results!

Handsome footballer is stripped naked, sitting in the armchair with his legs up - of course I want to record these awesome feet constantly while he's being defiled sadistically, for the first time in his young life. Milosz' eyes are full of fear and uncertainty but I do not care at all and soon he has to take my fingers into his extremely tight virgin arse hole.

After fingering him for a while I want to try something definitely much invasive. As this straight goalkeeper has told me before that he's 100% meateater and he hates any vege topics I decide to use some vegetables to deflower him properly. OMG - it's the first time I use a huge spicy pore to penetrate that tight virgin boyhole! You know - that thing is not only wide and thick but it's also very spicy... ;-)

Next vegetable that I put into heterosexual Milosz' ass is a thick carrot. When poor player gets enough I start playing with his hole even harder using my two fingers. He feels it intensively and moans a lot but it's not the end.

To finish that humiliating video I want Milosz to go on all his fours and display his big talented feet next to my cock. After some great footjob his smooth soles are covered with a sperm and his gaping boyhole is truly sore.


Starring: Milosz, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 minutes

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