Straight masculine Daniel is having his dirty feet, dick and arsehole cleaned!
It's been the first really hot day this year so cute boy Daniel came for his erotic shoot with no socks and wearing smelly flip-flops. I noticed that his soles are relly sweat and dirty. The only solution is to take him to the bathroom...

Daniel perfectly knew that he must be extremely clean before we start taking photos of his greatly sculptured body. So he immediately got undressed and jumped into the bath full of hot water. I treated him like a favourite toy that must be constantly fresh and extremely clean. Starting with cleaning his chest and ticklish armpits, then I went to his strong big feet - I mercilessly scrubed Daniel's soles with a nail brush what took him to the tickling agony!

Then I went to his most intimate parts of body. He had a full hard-on when I soaped his dick but at the same time I inserted my fingers into his boyhole to make this area extremely clean. It was really painful for him but he was really eager for a new erotic experience! Enjoy!


Starring: Daniel, Lukasz

Runtime: 23 minutes

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