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video added on 25th July 2021

Stas is a very cute and polite straight boy. I like him a lot but I decided to punish his tender feet in a very cruel way!

19yrs boy Stas, totally heterosexual had never been touched by another man until that final shooting day - the one that for sure has been lasting for hours for him. After intense cleaning Stas' asshole properly with a lot of cold water I want to punish him in another way - this time his sexy tender feet must be mercilessly beaten. The more scared he is, the more severe bastinado is on my mind!

That was a good idea to take him to the bath first - as Stas was cleaned for quite a long time his feet are now nicely softened and visibly sensitive. Vulnerably placed on a kitchen table, with his nice black-red shirt and smelling own black socks on - he seems to be more than frightened. And for sure Stas has some serious reasons to be scared of.

He is told to lay on his belly and expose his socked feet perfectly. Soon the beating starts. From the very beginning - with a horrible bamboo stick! Poor boy gets it hard but to make him suffering even harder I take off his socks and start torturing his tender soles. Stas tries to stop that painful procedure but I don't care - to help him with that foot pain I give him a paper roll to bite his teeth when he needs. Scared heterosexual boy uses it almost constantly.

Leather belt is another tool I decide to use for torturing these purple soles. Honestly, I've never worked with belt so hard as it is in that case. Stas begs me to stop but at the same time he needs money. That's the only reason he agrees on having his soles tortured even harder. So I take a leather belt again. He is in pain for sure but it's just the beginning!


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 minutes

1280 x 720

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