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video added on 14th November 2021

The hardest bastinado I've ever made! With such a sensitive heterosexual male feet. Final part of Stas' foot punishment!

Making that kinky video was a very hard piece of work. Stas, only 19yrs heterosexual boy kept on begging me to stop it but he was aware that it must be completed with at least another 15 minutes of a very severe bastinado, with some other new tools. Otherwise, he won't be paid for that foot punishment episode.

As you might suppose, Stas is trying to take it all like a man. And sure, I also want to take it like a real pervert. So the most awful (or thrilling - depends on the role) tools are going to be used in the second part of that horrific bastinado procedure.

19yrs Stas is probably the owner of ones of the most sexiest male feet I've ever tormented. Not only perfectly shaped, 9US size but also they are extremely sensitive and ticklish. Could it be anything better than having his permission to torture them as much as it's only possible? First, I use a long bamboo stick to lash his tender soles with no mercy. I decide neither bondage nor rope Stas' legs but he's ordered not to pull his legs up even for an inch. Next, these responsive soles are tormented cruelly - with a triple pin-wheel that is used for both of Stas' feet. This poor straight boy took part in a long tickling video on that day so you can be sure that his smooth soles have been extremely irritated.

In the meantime, Stas is cursing during that bastinado and pin-wheel tortures. So the punishment must be extended. He deserves a very hard spanking of these purple soles with a strong leather belt, at least 30 hits on each foot. That is really hard and I'm very sure - it takes obedient Stas to the real foot-pain agony...

Do you know what is a garden hose? Some time ago I discovered that this is the most horrific thing I could use in bastinado videos. There's no one who can stand that horrible pain having his feet strongly whipped with just a piece of garden hose. Even though Stas took that part of foot punishment still I'm not finished with him. The leather belt is again in use and now even harder! Can you imagine all these emotions expressed on Stas' scared face?

After almost half an hour of severe foot punishment I decide to stop it for a while. But it's not the end of a horrific painful evening for him. Now I think that Stas' virgin boyhole should be also used as much as we all want to see - in the most painful way!


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 22 min 39 sec

1280 x 720

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