Young football player is mercilessly tickled naked!
Dominik is a really strong boy. He is a professional American football player so he is used to the real pain. But we found his truly weak points!

This cute teenager is amazingly ticklish all over his body! So we decided to make a great video. My friend is waiting on the coach and the poor boy is coming to him totally naked... And the worst time in his life is ahead of him now!

His smooth masculine body is mercilessly tickled with my friend's fingers. Dominik is laughing, asking for a break but instead of mercy he gets even worse tickle tortures! The special attention is paid on the lower parts of his chest and the ribs where he's the most ticklish! But when my friend put Dominik's legs in the air you can see his genitals and perfectly shaped feet being tickled with a pin-wheel at the same time! Enjoy watching our another teenage tickle victim!


Starring: Dominik, Al

Runtime: 10 minutes

1280x720    145 MB

price: 6.95 USD
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