Double tortures of Filip's feet!
We love tickling cute guys like Filip. We already used every moment while massaging and worshipping his beautiful feet to stroke his soles with our fingers. Filip is very ticklish so if immobilized he's perfect prey.

We started firm his upper body. Immediately he started wrything, jumping, tried to protect his sensitive parts. Cute bastard was so strong that he even loosed a bit his restraints! Then we paid our attention to his fleshy feet and he burst with laughter. Still he was being a bit cocky, tried bargaining, pulling his feet away. So then we decided to give his feet some beating.

He got it right and just wait to see his face expression when anticipating each blow. In the end we let him go - beautiful boy went through his very first ticklee-spankee experience...

Starring: Filip, Lukasz, Al

Runtime: 15 minutes

1280x720    257 MB

price: 5.95 USD
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