GABRIEL IN HELL        $ 6.95

As he confessed later, this was the worst time for Gabriel in his short life. Completely naked teenage
footballer is strongly tied up on his knees and waiting for severe punishment on the kitchen table.
I started spanking his smooth ass until he got red stripes everywhere. With every beat, Gabriel was
painfully moaning. You can see an extreme fear on his face having his naked ass and bare feet totally
exposed for my pleasure.
Nevermind he was strongly fingerfucked one hour earlier, I put his cheeks apart to beat his arsehole
harshly with a leather belt. I had no mercy even for his teenage balls - together with my pervy friend,
we used two pin wheels to tease sensitive skin on his genitals and soles at the same time.
To make this tortures even worse for him, I started mercilessly beating his bare feet with leather
belt and wooden spoon. Poor victim Gabriel wasn't able to sit and stand on his feet for a few next days...

Starring: Gabriel, Lukasz, Cosquilles

Runtime: 10 minutes

1280x720    450 MB

Price: $ 6.95

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