Being in the relationship with a girlfriend, cute teenage footballer Gabriel always wondered how does she
feel during the anal sex. It was strange to him why many girls refuse to have something inside their
second hole. This time Gabriel has the opportunity to get to know, what's going on with anal play...

I made this young soccer player down on his knees with his never-touched smooth ass on full display.
He was looking into the camera silently pleading for me not to penetrate him when he felt me slicking up
his tight pink hole. Started massaging his fresh tight hole with my fingers. He was really tight inside -
I had to use an extra power to get to his prostate.
This was the moment I had been waiting for - the chance to get my long fingers up his tight little arse.
When I put a massive butt plug inside him with only small doze of lube, Gabriel was shaking with pain...

Starring: Gabriel, Lukasz

Runtime: 15 minutes

1280x720    577 MB

Price: $ 5.95

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