Severe bastinado makes an awesome scream!
In the previous video you could see straight student Igor being tortured with a lot of tickling. But it's not the end of our pervy fantasies we want to apply to his feet. Today I have this cute masculine guy waiting for another part of real punishment - severe bastinado.

Igor's bare feet are perfectly exposed when he is strongly tied up on the kitchen table with only his boxers on. I didn't even suppose that this strong and brave amateur kick-boxer has such a sensitive soles! With the first beat of my hand he is shouting incredibly loudly but he is aware that his feet MUST BE BEATEN at least 150 times with no break. It's not forbidden to count down the hits but as you will see in the video, Igor prefers to make a horrible scream... It's his choice!

Starring: Igor, Lukasz

Runtime: 15 minutes

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price: 5.95 USD
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