Lucas is tied up naked and mercilessly tickled!
Well, I was just in heaven when I undressed this extra cute boy and strongly tied him up to the sofa. He perfecly knew that this is the time to be tortured in a very sophisticated way... As he confessed, he was titckled before by his girlfriend but it was just a beginning of the bigger sexual play and it lasted only for a while. Poor boy was completely unaware that with me it will last for ages...

Lucas' body is very ticklish. I checked it properly when I was massaging his bare feet before but that time I had him totally naked so I could tickle him all over his perfect body. I started with his strong masculine legs - he wanted to take them away but I used really strong ropes (suitable for pulling the cars) to stretch him to the edge so his naked body was on a full display and constantly prepared to be tickled. Then I went up to tickle his low hanging balls and beautiful long dick. But the beginning of the real hell for him was when I started to tickle his armpits and big bare feet... He was asking for mercy constantly but I wanted him to remember that a real tickling is not just a sexual play with his girlfriend :)


Starring: Lucas, Lukasz

Runtime: 13 minutes

1280x720    167 MB

price: 5.95 USD
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