It's time now to beat the crap out of Nikodem's feet. This bad boy is going to suffer now. we tied him to
the coffee table, stripped him of his socks and exposed his cute skaterboy soles for the torture.
Each time our toys hit his pinky fleshy feet he jumped up and you can see it was painful.
To tease him even more we told him to count each blows. He thought we'd stop at 10 blows but...

But then the bad boy started fighting it off. Calmed himself down. Stared at the ceiling. Counted blows
unmoved. That pissed us off so much so we tried our favourite pin wheel on his purple feet.
That made him loose control again. His mouth burst with hysterical laughter. Was writhing on the table.
This exquisite tickle torture was unbearable for him. So instead of bastinado we switched to torturous,
relentless tickling.

He tried to fight it off again but this time in vain. Watch him trying desperately to hold his laughter
and giving it up. He totally lost it. The last minutes of this ordeal was the most cruel thing that ever
happened to him. He admitted that off camera after. Truly tickling is worse that pain!

Starring: Nikodem, Lukasz, Cosquiller

Runtime: 20 minutes

1280x720    767 MB

Price: $ 6.00

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